A killer society

Ever wondered what if you die…
Die in front of your parents and they are helpless. Helpless to a point where they can’t figure out whom to blame, what to do. Your death body in front of their eyes. Eyes popped out of sockets, brain lying outside, ribs broken, blood all over. Body pressed and face unrecognizable. Seems quite scary and gloomy right?

It was a normal day after office. I was returning to my room after spending my time quota required in my office. I was passing by the speed breaker( me cursing why the hell they build these things.. My Apache 160 loves the high-speed drive and I don’t like speed breakers ).
Suddenly I saw a dog barking. I started thinking .. ” Oh!! Hell with you guys. Do some good stuff and stop barking at every other vehicle. Stop chasing every car “. But I saw another dog standing to Her, even he was barking at passing vehicles. Then I thought. ” Wait! This is unusual”. I suddenly started looking for the clue, what it is?
I saw the third dog, Even this dog was barking in the same direction. Now my suspicion gained confidence.
It did not take more than a minute, I realised that there was something lying in front of these dogs. I squinted my eyes to see what is it with curiosity. To my shock, there was blood. There was something looking like internal organs. Though I don’t eat meat and non-vegetable food I can easily figure out what it means to see an animal’s body.
I mean, I understood what was going on.
My heart cracked. A small tear flowed out of my eyes. I pulled the breaks. Stopped in the left side of the road.

So the situation was this, a mother had lost her son. A father was so helpless that he barked fiercely but with despair. The third dog, may not be the family but he was helping the couple. He understood the gloomy situation.
Three of them barking, as if like trying to ask, ” Who killed my son? Is it you on Bike, or is it you in the big car.” Meanwhile, they were also trying hard to get closer to the speeding vehicles. Although it was useless. The passing vehicles were ignorant of the whole death ceremony.
I felt bad for them. Those parents who don’t know what to expect, what they should do. I started thinking about myself. I was sad and helpless too.
Just being sad for a while, I started my vehicle and headed towards my room. The pain was enough to make me go to sleep without food.

Every human being has a right to live. Your richness should not cost some animal of their life. Your enjoyment of high speed does not mean a son has to die in front of the whole family. You have a vehicle, be responsible, if not for yourself have it for those who can’t speak YOUR BLOODY language, because you understand only your language. The emotions of others, the pain of some animals is nothing to you.

Just imagine, imagine… If your parents were there. Helpless, sad, crying, what it feels like. I believe none of us can answer this question.




No one chooses that from this day onwards I will love. It slips into our lives when we expects it the least. Let’s go back to our childhood. Remember the first love of your life? The first time you saw her or him. The first time you wanted someone to be happy. That moment when you went close to them. The butterflies in the stomach when she smiled the first time in front of you. Jealous when she held someone else’s hand. Voice of your own heart cracking when she was scolded by someone and you couldn’t do anything. Everything was selfless and enjoyable.

Now come back to today’s time. Time of 21st when the love is defined by the number of messages she sends. How fast she reply to your messages. Whether she sleeps in your bed or not. Whether he spends all his salary on you and your deed. If he is capable of calling you every day or not. If you are above than his mother or sister. Whether he listens to your orders or not.

Love has no definition. It is just a feeling that you are happy to see their smiles. If you are accepted by the other soul for being with you. If you are ready to be guided and teach in this walk of life. Love has many dimensions and ways. It does not need to be public and loud. We need to understand that there is no guarantee that this person will always with you. They will eat with others and will speak to others. Love is not jealous. It is always kind and sharing is the nature. You trust your partner and promise to be with them when it is the end of day or end of life. In case if you find that the person you loved has betrayed you and used you, then it is the time that you must realize your value. We should forgive ourselves and let them go this is hardest part.. after all once upon a time we have loved them and now if they are happy in leaving us, then we should help them.

Love is the beautiful and serene feeling. With expectations and restrictions, we maligns it. After all, this is the only thing which survives and keeps the life moving.

Litmus Test…

“When the first block of dominos starts falling, it destroys the every piece of structure.”

I realized this recently while I was working continously for 13 or 14 hours a day. I was focused on completing my work. Mind well your work is not just about sitting but making the work HAPPEN. If it keeps you hungry for past 4 hours, or keeping you on the wait to go for toilet then don’t wonder it is very normal situation. In my case I was having a running stomach, thirst was something which I was fighting along with the situation of completion of work without error.Food wasn’t a big deal as I had boiled grains and brought my tiffin  to keep myself energized,with zero calorie. All my past activities, bad habits and wasted time came to me and punched me with question

‘Did you really enjoyed without paying?”

Anyhow, situations make you learn new posssibilities and makes you aware of your ignorance. They test your boundaries and make you confident.The situation as it gets tough make you realize what is your breaking point and stamina. As it is said by Mohmmad Ali, “The world will make you fall. You will fall straight square on your face. It will make you bend on your feet and get the best out of you. The question is, “How many times you keep getting up after falling.”

While I decided to give up, I prayed to Lord and decided to call my best buddy and asked him what to do. Luckily he was available when I needed him most after so many years. (I believe that is what we call friendship).He encouraged me and made me think the way my other part of brain was asking me to behave rather than giving up.

Anyways , I realized something while I was relaxing “Don’t Give Up”. Keep walking. Make your best shot you can. If you are running, Go that extra mile which you thought you can’t. Go breathless. Put your full speed.See the aim. If you are swimming in evening, take a dive, reach the lowest depth use your shoulders , your arms and mind, see those beautiful lights that are making pool sparkle. It feels out of this realm.  If you are hitting gym, Make those last 5 reps. Take that extra weight you always aspired to try. Extend the number of repetition of the exercise. Put every energy which is there in your body atoms.I am telling because once you do it, next moment you will reach a new level, the happiness will make you see that you are doing something beyond you. Everything is possible. Go all out. Enjoy.

As you will pass those moments you will see a positive change in your personality and behaviour towards your life. Don’t just keep thinking about getting change. You have to be The change you want in your life.

Keep Walking

As it is said,

As Going gets Hard, Harder gets Going..

Life is a journey. Enjoy every piece of it.

A poem called “Life”

Life is about Focus

My routine scenario goes like I will wake up in the morning. I will try to cover the body with blanket as much as I could then I would expect the clock to move slowly and impress myself that I can still sleep for half an hour (knowing that it is already 9am in morning and I have to go to the office). As 1 hour passes by, I would reluctantly leave the blanket, drag my feet and look with one eye open in the mirror while brushing. I would somehow reach the office and after that the work and friends make me go through the day where I would leave the counts of hours and just wait for the small tea breaks else Meals break. 

Things go by and I would hardly remember the importance of the life. Today was different, while I was sitting alone looking at what I should upload on Instagram, I heard THAT voice of conscious,”What does life mean? Why do you work?” Sure I was unaware of the answer but I started pondering over answer. I had no answer,then I asked my seniors, friends and many others for the answer. They were personalized and I was not very happy with the explanations I got. Later after thinking and generalizing I got my version:-


Life is about chasing goals


Your life will only go in the flow if you have a direction to move. For example, If the water flows without direction then it has no use or force but if we observe the river on the other hand you will see the result when  water  flows in one  direction. Similarly, set a goal for the life and chase it with utmost passion. Forget everything in life. Spend money, energy, thinking, everything you have into it. If you don’t believe me observe your life also. You give priority to some thing or other in life, many people believe in chasing money, some job, some prefer fame, and surprisingly some also chase people, relation, old things, others run behind leisure and relaxation. Everyone have something which they care about a lot in the life but they don’t realize that they are following this aim.


As a writer I would suggest my readers to have a goal in life. People will never be satisfied, money will never be enough, relations will never be perfect, and food will always taste good if you spend at right place, but LIFE will not happen twice. It will happen only once, so work on something which make you run without breathe, spend without thinking, the result  would be food won’t matter to you , people will not matter, clothes won’t matter, fashion and make up won’t matter. You should do everything you are capable of….

See, its easy to stay inside the shell and keep admiring or wondering about the beautiful world. But I promise that once you will come out to chase the goal this beauty will reveal the beast and that will require the real you to discover new you and helps you to grow.

“ World is beautiful If you have a boat and a destination, Otherwise many ships sinks and noone care about them”









Innocent Heart 

Well,  when I was young,I was afraid to be left alone. Once I had developed chiken pox and I was admitted to hospital, the nurse scared me one night telling that I  am left here by my parents  forever…

I cried too hard and frightened to the point where doctors were informed that this young lad had not eaten anything for the past 2 days. Later, my parents were called and doctors gave me confidence that when I would get cured I will be discharged from hospital and I  can go back, enjoy being with my family. 

Now, I am 23 years old and living on my own. Life has shifted its phase. 

Now a days, 

1. I choose what is correct and what is wrong.

2. I have to prepare food or buy it from restaurant or dhaba as per my budget.

3. I am learning that saying NO does good rather than harm. 

4. I am okay to be myself. 

5. I love to speak with family over phone. 

6. Now, I am not over confident that strangers are not harmful. 

7. Sometimes, I disobey myself and remain Lost in my activities. 

8. Now I follow my rules and ethics of life. 
The journey is still on, I am still walking towards the aim. This wasn’t all cool, I have cried in pain. Inside me there is still a kid, who want to go home, spend time with family, cry, fight with mother and father. Irritate my brother. I still remember how much my mother loves me, how much I love her. 

I could still go back and do what all I want but this isn’t way of life.. I just can’t.. 
Give up

When there is a call for becoming a tiger, you just can’t be timid and act like a cat.

Like Please 

The plague of 21st century “Social Media”.I was unaware how internet works initially,later I became addicted to what I was thrilled by ie Social media. Initially I got introduced to Orkut & Yahoo chats from my sister which I ignored deliberately (Given that I am conservative by nature and I am slow learner to tech things) 

My friend Dushyant introduced me to Facebook. I was fascinated by what I was witnessing (ie boys harassing and spamming girls classmates, putting online inappropriate pics and what not) while I was just learning how this site works and on other side others were becoming convicts and criminals in eyes of respected people,  so I kept myself at a distant edge.

Nowadays, it’s really difficult to keep yourself at away from these technologies(mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches etc)  which are lifeline of social media. Particularly, smartphone and internet have reincarnated themselves as living body and soul. 

The addiction has grown to a level where people are leaving their:-

1. Aim of life

2. Studies 

3. Their partners, parents and children 

4. Sleep 

5. Ultimately Money and health, above all

” If you hold a knife, make sure you use it to cut vegetables and prepare food, Not your veins and kill yourself” 

  1. I mean to say, look around folks what are we doing. We are simply wasting lot of time and money on social media like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, snap chat, hike and so on. 

What do you get.. Literally nothing.

Read the case to see what is the effect on your life :-

Mr. X your well known college friend is sharing his one weekend journey with other friends on his profile. You see the post and think he is enjoying. Now we have 1000 friends already in your friends contact list, out of which100 are doing same thing. Now,  you start comparing your life with them. You see that you are working hard and others are enjoying. This diverts your brain from your job. Now, start cooking up plans like leave job and become traveller, let’s go on world trip and many useless things.At the same time, you should keep in mind that Mr X and his friends after their holidays have returned and now they are doing their regular jobs. 

So, What did you got? Diversion from job, wastage of time, stress on eyes while you read, and most importantly, reduction in confidence and self Esteem that you are not living an enjoyable life. 

In my views, what I mean to say is that :-

Social media is a good way to promote yourself, business, idea and marketing tool. While you are surfing social media, I advice you that in place of getting astounded with others life and comparing yourself to others, please use this time to do other creative work and enjoy life. Otherwise exasperation is all what you will achieve, if you will blindly follow this religion of internet.

Health is wealth 

Our body is a temple where God(soul) exists.A healthy mind stays in the healthy body.Okay, I explain you the basics.You take birth, you become adult, you grow old.. In between you play, eat, travel, work, live wonderful life and become Legend.

But wait!!!What if I cut out a small tissue or a limb or remove organ. What if you suffer from some disease and lose some body part or loose life itself.The thought is scary, right? 

But it’s not just words and some scary situation I am telling you, but Some Facts that if you don’t care about your body then this will happen. Once, if this turns in reality, I will guarantee that you won’t able to become legend, As you won’t live that long.. To become a Legend.. 

If we are sick and not able to take care of ourselves then we won’t be in a condition to do any thing. If you are not in control of your body then, you would not be able to take care of your parents, children and loved ones.All the pleasures you take through these senses and body would disappear.This implies that you EXISTS in this World Because of Your BODY. All your tensions, plans, emotions, relationships are just fake and meaningless, if you can’t keep up your physique. 


“In the world of corporate, I see people who are way behind their career growth in life, but their POT bellies have found the finishing line faster than their owners. “

Leave the cancer, bp, diabetes (Indians top in it) and other known diseases aside, the Obesity and extra weight are biggest disease which we are suffering from. They are not the symbols of Rich and wealthy family but are the prophecy of the countless other diseases they will bring you today or tomorrow, it’s just matter of time. If you want to have a litmus are astest my obese Rich friends of what I just said, I challenge you to Track the forts and mountains and then see if your knee and back pains or not. 

Anyways, as a mentor and a friend I tell you the easiest way to stop all this stupid stuff before it happens. 

I am advising you to do simple 10 minutes of simple exercise just like we take medicine when we are sick. Do it in evening and morning.Go for the walk of 30 min. Stretch your body and give your heart a chance to breathe fresh air. Make 10 push up,  or 10 crunches every day. 

I suggest if you want shortcut, do 10 Surya namaskar every day, it is enough (later you can increase the repetitions and frequency) 

Make a ritual, a habit that I won’t have food or anything but at least this exercise everyday at this time. 

If you are young and capable enough, then as per your body strength, play some game. Gymnasium is also a good option but, not the only thing. Just don’t keep making a plan to hit the gym on some particular day and keep pushing the deadline forward and forward, until that someday becomes No day…

If you will keep a healthy habit I promise you, that your coming years will be a great story.. 

A story you will tell to your grandchildren (incase, you don’t get killed in any accident) 

But, incase even if you are going to take all this just as a piece of writing and forget, then sorry you wasted your time and also my efforts. If you have an excuse, that you don’t have time to 

Take care of yourself, then I don’t understand what are you using your time for? What are you earning for? 

(Just to buy medicines, lay in bed like a debt on others, make yourself feel bad and have pain in body later?) 

If you don’t take care of yourself NOW, then 

You will have to pay a big amount, the amount would be Money, pain, suffering and yes..

Loss of this life and world

(Before making advice, I am doing it myself.. I am sharing a YouTube link with you, so that you can check out what i am doing. 


If you feel good like it then)